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Get to know the woman behind the curtain, and introduce yourself to me. People work best with someone they know and can trust. So let's get better acquainted.

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Your business is unique, your prospects are unique. So why shouldn't your marketing copy be unique? That's what I'm all about—copy that is as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Why You Need A Copywriter

Learn three key reasons why you should consider bringing a professional copywriter on board for your project.

Hi, I'm Emily, "The Integrated Copywriter." Or, more specifically, a marketing copywriter who wants to partner with your business to deliver excellent copy that gets you the results you want.

 Now, I'll be transparent with you—for all the writing I do, writing my own “about me” has always been the thorn in my side. So maybe I should just start by saying: I love writing. I love researching. I love fitting together the puzzle pieces of brand, audience, and a creative writing approach. I love brainstorming brand new ways to market products and reach an audience. I love analyzing marketing campaigns for what works and what doesn't. Cross my heart—these are things I just love to do. (Just ask my fiance, friends or family. I'm a geek about this stuff.) So I figured I'd go into it professionally.

 It's no surprise, then, that my college education was uniquely tailored to this passion of mine. In 2011, I graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a 4.0 GPA for my Bachelor of Arts: Humanities. The beauty of the Humanities degree is that it's actually a hybrid of three concentrations; in my case English, Communications, and Marketing. This triad field of study gives me a strong foundation and a fresh educational angle in doing what I do best. And really, I incorporate a similar triad into all my marketing copy.

 In addition to marketing copywriting and copyediting, I have a consuming love of fiction writing and editing. I also dabble in graphic design and web development (the latter of which is demonstrated in this site). I live in the Raleigh, NC area, and in my "free time" enjoy working on my urban fantasy novel, playing the piano, and enjoying the cool weather whenever it comes to North Carolina.

 So. Now you know some about me. I'd love to get to know you a bit more. Hit me up on Linked In, Twitter, or just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Improve direct marketing payoff. Enhance online presence. Increase blog and email subscribers. Produce effective promotions. Build rapport with customers.

Any of these results sound attractive to you? Because these are the results I can offer you with my strategic approach to great writing. While all writers worth their salt will consider the goal of the copy project and who they're writing to, my approach delves deeper, into the values, the goals, the "whys" of both you and your audience. I then use the principles of persuasive writing and my own ABC's of Quality (Accurate, Beneficial, Competent) to pull this understanding together into a newsletter, website, sales letter—you name it—that really packs a punch. 

The Three Core Elements of Marketing Copy that Works

1. YOU
Because the goal of my writing is to deliver the results you need, I seek to understand your goals, brand, and marketing strategy almost as well as you do. In my process, this is the first level of research that will shape the rest of my research and brainstorming later on. This functions on both a macro and micro level. In other words, I focus on both your company and brand as a whole, as well as the goals of the particular piece of copy you've comissioned me to write. 

A visual on the integrated copywriting process


To deliver the best copy possible, I delve deeply and personally into the identity, values, and motivation of your target audience. This gives me a tremendous advantage when brainstorming my approach to reach your audience, as it provides me with an intimate insight into how to motivate your prospect to respond to a call to action.


Since my promise to you is the best copy with the best results to the best of my ability, I focus on my personal ABC's of Quality, an arsenal of classic persuasive techniques, and a creative, novel approach. This is the last part of the strategic equation for me, and happens after I have gathered and organized all my other research into the project and prospect. I can then brainstorm the best way to reach your prospect, framed by the goals I personally have for every piece of writing I produce.


... And The Three Ways Your Message Will Benefit

1. Uniqueness    2. Selling Power    3. Rapport 
By delivering your message in a customized, creative fashion, I will help your business to stand out in the minds of both customers and competitors. The goal of this is to help your message ring out loud and clear to an audience that is inundated by information and sales messages day in and day out. A unique message that is tailor-made for your business, your industry, and your audience is a message that will get the attention it deserves.  ___ It's been said, and I have to agree, that the most powerful form of selling is when the prospect doesn't know they're being sold. Thinking through your own life experiences, I'm sure you can pinpoint at least one experience where you knew you were being sold (and it annoyed you), and another where you bought something or took some other action because of marketing, but the experience was genuinely good for you. A good selling experience is what I want to deliver to your prospect—and your sales results will benefit for it. By intimately understanding your ideal results and what your prospect needs, I am in a position to deliver the kind of copy that will make a difference. ___ 


Making a sale is great. Making lots of sales is even better. But earning yourself a loyal customer (or subscriber) is priceless. A loyal customer means repeat sales and word-of-mouth marketing. And the way to win loyal customers is to build rapport. What more efficient way to do this than through your sales copy? Since my integrated approach puts a heavy emphasis on knowing and understanding the prospect, my copy is naturally suited to building rapport between you and your audience. Which pays out heavily in the end.


Sound good to you? Because I'd love to talk with you specifically about how my integrated copywriting approach can help you meet your goals. Contact me today and get a head start on setting your marketing copy apart from the rest.

At some point while perusing my site, this question has crossed your mind, and it's a perfectly valid one. There are a lot of copywriters out there who are more experienced than I am, and I'm not ashamed of that. But I do have something I can offer you that I believe sets me apart from many copywriters.

You see, I don't do 'one size fits all' copywriting, because your business don't need one-size-fits-all copy. I like think of myself as a personal fashion designer as opposed to a department store clerk. My goal is to give you copy that fits you as well as a tailor-made suit, and gives you the same results. Think about it. A tailor-made suit makes you look better, sharper, more professional.

That's exactly what my integrated copywriting approach can do for you online and in print. The product I offer you is personal, customized marketing copy that integrates your goals, your prospect's values, and high-quality writing. This approach produces strong marketing copy that will go out there and get you the results you want.

In short, I'm convinced that a new copywriter devoted to your brand, your goals, and your needs doesn't need a portfolio the size of the Yellow Pages in order to produce copy that converts again and again.

If you agree with me, why not hit me up and have a chat? Right now, I'm offering a free one hour consultation for every potential client. I'd be happy to talk with you to get a feel for your needs and see if we can work together to produce some great copy and meet your marketing goals. Note that, once you sign on with me, you have access to unlimited consultation for the duration of the product, so that we can be sure to get you the results you want.


Oh, and, for the record? I'll never hit you with an auto-responder or cookie-cutter email. I'm all about a customized experience, remember? So contact me today at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 919-239-9444.

So, let's be honest. If you're a businessperson, you can write, and probably do a lot. You may write everything from inter-department memos to yearly financial reports. So you're obviously capable of stringing together words into coherent messages. Why, then, should you hire someone to do your writing for you? There can be all kinds of reasons a company or individual would choose to hire a professional freelance copywriter, but here are three highlights:

Good Writing is Good Writing, Plain and Simple.
Regardless of your field, well-written copy will produce results. Great marketing copy is informative, inviting, and persuasive, reaching your audience with a specific message that is tailored to draw the response you want. Professional copywriters, like myself, make it our business and our art to know just how to get that response.

You Are a Professional in Your Field, I Am a Professional at Writing.
As a professional, you know your business better than most. That's your job. My job as a professional copywriter is to excel at my craft—which is to make businesses like yours excel through great marketing copy. When you need a job well done, you look for a professional. So why delegate important marketing copy work to an in-house amateur?

Saves You Time and, Yes, Money.
I know that may sound surprising, but consider this: professionals can make hundreds per hour--which amounts to a lot of money left unearned if they have to write their own content. Companies need constant streams of fresh content in fresh voices to engage and entice customers—a demand that often proves too overwhelming for staff writers alone. And let us not forget marketing results in this equation. Sub-par copy only ends up costing everyone more, in lost sales and in the price of having everything redone at a later date.

So don't lose time and money gambling for results. When you want professional sales results, hire a professional marketing copywriter. For more information on why you should consider me personally for your copywriting needs, check out my article, “So, Why Should I Hire You?”

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