So, let's be honest. If you're a businessperson, you can write, and probably do a lot. You may write everything from inter-department memos to yearly financial reports. So you're obviously capable of stringing together words into coherent messages. Why, then, should you hire someone to do your writing for you? There can be all kinds of reasons a company or individual would choose to hire a professional freelance copywriter, but here are three highlights:

Good Writing is Good Writing, Plain and Simple.
Regardless of your field, well-written copy will produce results. Great marketing copy is informative, inviting, and persuasive, reaching your audience with a specific message that is tailored to draw the response you want. Professional copywriters, like myself, make it our business and our art to know just how to get that response.

You Are a Professional in Your Field, I Am a Professional at Writing.
As a professional, you know your business better than most. That's your job. My job as a professional copywriter is to excel at my craft—which is to make businesses like yours excel through great marketing copy. When you need a job well done, you look for a professional. So why delegate important marketing copy work to an in-house amateur?

Saves You Time and, Yes, Money.
I know that may sound surprising, but consider this: professionals can make hundreds per hour--which amounts to a lot of money left unearned if they have to write their own content. Companies need constant streams of fresh content in fresh voices to engage and entice customers—a demand that often proves too overwhelming for staff writers alone. And let us not forget marketing results in this equation. Sub-par copy only ends up costing everyone more, in lost sales and in the price of having everything redone at a later date.

So don't lose time and money gambling for results. When you want professional sales results, hire a professional marketing copywriter. For more information on why you should consider me personally for your copywriting needs, check out my article, “So, Why Should I Hire You?”